Saturday, July 28, 2018

Upcoming: Tommy Jordan
Ice Cream
Self-released, 2018

I scream, you scream, we all scream because of ICE.  Well anyone that recalls having a heart does, and Tommy Jordan’s debut album Ice Cream seeks to remind us of childhood’s innocent sensations, even if it is often by acknowledging that our adult lives are an activated charcoal black soft serve merely dotted with neon hundreds and thousands.  Originating in the appropriately frigid extreme Northern Tier of Bellingham in Washington State, Jordan scoops out contemplative hip hop that sits somewhere between sleepy half-confidence and woke self-awareness.  The living ghost of Ghostpoet appears amidst the pianos of Dear God, while the appealingly awkward instrumentals of early Gorillaz creep out of the cold on Rosie.  Between the fuzzy drums and chimes of Oliver Queen, the boxy, chippy electro of Ride On and the muted nighttime beats on the title track, Tommy Jordan understands that he doesn’t fully understand the role of the fortunate white man in building a world fit for everyone, acting in a scene built and sustained mostly by others that he nonetheless feels a profound connection to.  But he’s going to try and figure it out.  Injected with a healthy understanding of the unhealthy working grind and some killer soaring female guest spots, Ice Cream is 35 minutes of supposedly empty calories that leave you feeling strangely full.

Ice Cream will be available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud on August 13th.  Preview tracks can be heard here.

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