Thursday, March 6, 2014

Notorious S.A.D.
Saturday, March 1st 2014
Planet Retro Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL

A store by the name of Planet Retro appears, at first, to fit perfectly into Simon Reynolds' depressing vision of Retromania -- a musical culture increasingly mining it's own past for lack of interesting developments in the present.  But, an awareness that the past will eventually run out if we don't make new stuff must be present within the owners of Planet Retro, as they also host gigs for local bands. Tonight's is a donation-based fundraiser for Brother Sister Sessions, St. Pete makers of retro-point boosting music videos.

When the drummer for Notorious S.A.D., Andrew Turner, starts singing, I think of the singing drummer from Snuff -- as always in this scenario.  The idea is put to bed when the other two members join the vocals as well.  It's quickly clear that NSAD come more from the slice of the punky pie where you'll find The Vandals or The Queers, dishing out fruity silliness in great doses (with a bit more musical skill than those acts, admittedly).  In this sense, their name is the best purposefully inaccurate moniker since Parks and Recreation's optimistic bureaucrat, Leslie Knope.  The only time sadness rears its head during their 25 minute set is when you think a song by the acronym of DILF stands for the obvious; in fact, it is the tale of a Dude being Lost in Florida.  By just the third tune of this their second performance, Notorious "D" Devon Mackinnon is dancing around on his back, snaking upside down towards the audience whilst playing guitar.  At the age of 24 he will either be this animated for the rest of his life, or become a shitheap by this time next spring.

The band members are planning a move to Austin later this year, so we should hope that they do end up getting lost in Florida.  Failing that, just go and see them while you have the chance.  An EP is on the way (review here).  

Two other bands performed this evening, but this review is being filed under 'abandoned.'  It seems only fair to include their pages though. Go give them a listen:

Madame Albatross:
the patients: