Saturday, January 23, 2016

Upcoming: Johnny Mile and the Kilometers/Selectric with Natural Child/Faux Ferocious
The Local 662, St. Petersburg, FL
Wednesday, January 27th 2016

Nashville bands Natural Child and Faux Ferocious will be slamming into St. Pete this Wednesday courtesy of Don’t Stop and Blind Not Deaf.  The prolific local label with a penchant for bats has picked out two well-suited supports from its own roster for what is sure to be a night of smouldering igneous rock depravity.

You’ll get Johnny Mile and the Kilometers for 75¢, and every band that comes subsequently. Yes -- previously listed at $12, it’s now only 3!  How much is that in metric? Their name might be lengthy in any system of measurements, but the songs are so short and rocking you’ll want to feed their killer meter!  Listen to ‘Rock and Roll is Dead’ and try to decide if it’s more Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, or Super Furry Animals circa ‘Do or Die.’  Not Deaf? You’re not yet.

Then also with a member nicked from Sonic Graffiti will be Selectric.  You could put all the people on this label in a bag, shake it viciously, pick 3 out and they’d already have an EP in the mix.  Selectric are not Scalextric but they will give you a psychedelic blues electrification. Their song ‘727272727272727’ solidifies them as the most local and keepin-it-real band in the area.  They can be seen practicing at 2am in the picture below because they are that dedicated to blowing your mind. Don’t Stop? Don’t miss it!

Photo by Danton Ruegger